AIS dispatcher software


The AIS-Dispatcher Software takes over the part of forwarding the data to the PC and can be used when:

  • no Serial-to-IP converter is available
  • the data from a provider will be forwarded with their own hardware



  • receiver can be connected to the computer (USB, serial or network)
  • connection method is known
  • computer is run by Windows and working non-stop





  • adjust settings under the tab "Input"
  • for serial und USB devices mark "serial" and below COM port and change the Baud rate to 38400
  • available COM ports can be determined under Windows in the device manager (USB devices are easy to detect) > device manager > connections (COM & LPT)



  • Select "Output" IP and Port to which data should be sent
  • an own port for statistics and the upgrade to Unlimited can be ordered here: > ADD my existing AIS station
  • until this has been confirmed via E-Mail, data can be sent to the IP and Port shown in the picture
  • save with "ok"




  • Start AIS Dispatcher
  • when successful, VDM messages should rise
  • add software to "Autostart" for not having to start it manually each time


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