NMEA Router

What is it:

  • software which forwards a NMEA stream from one or several AIS receivers 

Useful for:

  • AIS partners with several receivers


  • receiver able to be connected with a computer (USB, serial or network)
  • user is well informed about how to connect (COM Port, IP etc..)
  • computer runs Windows and is working permanently 

Set up:


  • label profile and save with OK


  • set up new source (AIS receiver): Configure > Connection > New


  • label source (connection name)
  • choose "serial" as type if AIS receiver is serial or connected via USB
  • press OK to go on


  • set up the COM port to which the AIS receiver is connected under "device"
  • available COM ports can be determined under Windows in the Windows Device Manager
  • USB hardware is easy to detect: Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT)
  • set up BAUD rate according to the AIS receiver on 38400
  • for Data Direction "Input" has to be selected
  • press OK to save


  • set up new data receiver: Configure > Connection > New


  • label data receiver
  • select type of connection "UDP/TCP" as data is sent over the internet
  • press OK to go on 


  • Protocol can select UDP or TCP
  • select Output for the Data Direction and configure the remote host
  • IMPORTANT: an own Remote Host Port on FleetMon, for statistics and the upgrade to Unlimited, can be requested here: https://www.fleetmon.com/my/ais-stations > ADD my existing AIS station
  • until this is confirmed via email the signal can be send to the in the picture shown Remote IP ( and the Remote Port (34003)
  • save with OK


  • generate a route, so the data of the source can be send to the receiver: Configure > Route > New


  • select which source (in the field "Between") should send to which receiver (in the field "And"). If named like in the example pictures above, do it like shown on the following picture
  • make sure "enabled" is activated


  • if the connection isn't started automatically, start it manually like shown in the picture
  • you can see now how the data is being transferred 
  • to avoid starting the NMEA router manually at each restart, add the software to the autorun 


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